About Me: ODDree

dscn5277-copy2I am a Hoosier by birth, but I consider myself a citizen of the world. I recently found myself living as a Floridian in the capital city, Tallahassee.

I am a little odd, and sometimes it is hard for me to stay in once place for very long. This blog is an exploration of my adventures, dedication to service, and love of life.


Master of Science in Education, Community and Social Change, University of Miami

Bachelor of Art, Political Science and International Studies, University of Southern Indiana


Interaction Institute for Social Change Certificate: Facilitation for Social Change

VISTA Blend Certificate: Resource Development: Fundraising & Grant Writing


  • I can’t help how people perceive me, but I can help how I present myself.
  • With one woman you’re creating social change. Seeing one woman move from where she was to where she is, is social change.”
  • “I believe that if you love thy neighbor, are kind to strangers and feed the hungry, the universe will be kind to you. Some might call that Catholicism, others might call it being spiritual, I call it being human.”

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