ANYwhere: Warm Fuzzies

Imagine walking down a long path and at the end of that path is your mailbox. You open said mailbox and there is a packaging waiting for you! You skip joyfully back to your place and clear everything off your table in one fell swoop. As you open the box you get all giddy and feel a moment of happiness.

Those feeling are what the creators of Warm Fuzzie Customazible Care Packages are aiming to provide with each package. One of the co-creators of Warm Fuzzies shared the story behind the business.


The Story

Hello Everyone! I’m Heather, I met Audrey in Peace Corps Burkina Faso. We bonded over our love of Don Simon, weighing babies and sending mail.

Audrey kindly let me take over her blog to share some exciting news. She and I have entered the world of entrepreneurship and have officially launched our first business: Warm Fuzzies Customizable Care Packages.


We decided our first step was to spam our Peace Corps community and other friends and family (THANK YOU!)  to get some proxy market research. We made a google docs survey which was a very simple way for us to get some basic information about how to meet the needs of our intended customers.

Next we found a logo that appealed to us, worked on developing some clever puns, and started thinking about the content of our boxes.

It was important to us to make the contents thoughtful, creative, and useful. We wanted to offer several options to let people pick the contents that most appealed to them. And we also tried to embody principle such as environmental responsibility, and included items such as recycled crayons, and magnets made out of old buttons.


And VOILA! you now you can find our care packages available on Etsy. When life is just too crazy for you to put all the pieces together yourself, flowers are too impersonal and fruit is too expensive, WE are the solution. 

We invite you to check us out on Etsy and to shoot as an email at if you have any questions, advice, or puns you want to share!


75 thoughts on “ANYwhere: Warm Fuzzies

  1. Care packages can really brighten someones day for sure and this would be a great care package idea that is different. I love the recycling aspect of it and the uniqueness. Thanks for sharing the information.


  2. What a great idea! Packages are always a good idea. It’s exciting when you come home to something on your steps or in your mailbox!


  3. This is adorable! I love the concept and I think it’s awesome that you went for it! It’s really nice to have something like this.


  4. Oh my goodness! These things bring back so many memories of my childhood! I remember making warm fuzzies in Girl Scouts when I was a kid and kept some of them for years. I think I might still have one or two lying around somewhere. How fun!


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