ANYwhere: Vision Boards

The start of this year is what I imagine a marathon would be. I sprinted off down the road and I haven’t looked back, nor had time to stop to think about anything. I am not sure why this year is busier than years past, but I know I am going to make the most of it.

2016-03-22 21.09.22

To help keep my year on track, I decided to get my goals down on paper. It’s not about when I finish them, but how well I do at accomplishing my goals. I’ve been doing a lot of personal discovery and professional development lately, but wanted to create something to help solidify these goals.

So the perfect opportunity arose! I was in need of a much needed girl’s weekend, and happen to have a friend who loves crafts just as much as I do. This friend lives about 4 hours from me, so we decided to meet in the middle.

We met in Eufaula, Alabama. It’s a nice little town with some great plantation style homes to tour and antique shops to get lost in! We mostly wanted to meet up to drink some wine, and craft- thus a plan to make vision boards was formed!

2016-03-22 21.10.52

Things I used:

  • Canvas board( From Michael’s)
  • Paint
  • Magazines, pictures, stickers
  • Paper
  • Glue and Mod Podge
  • Glitter

Before we started designing our boards, we painted the background just to give it a nice base. While those were drying, we spent about an hour cutting out pictures or quotes from magazines. The actual making of the vision board does not take that much time- unless wine is involved.

2016-03-22 21.08.41

Once we assembled our boards and they dried, we discussed what each picture/quote meant to us. It was nice to get those goals out in the open and really make them tangible. My vision board hangs in my bathroom, so I stare at it each morning while prepping for my day.


47 thoughts on “ANYwhere: Vision Boards

  1. I know what you mean about running and not looking back. This year I feel like I haven’t had time to breath lol I find myself saying “After (blank) is over” but then another thing comes up. I think writing your goals down is a huge help in keeping up with them and reaching them. This was such a great idea using the canvas I like to paint so I always am looking buying them in bulk lol

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  2. Wow – I have certainly heard of vision boards but never made one! This one is so pretty and I am sure very helpful! I agree – writing down goals is so much more helpful and you can keep up with what you’ve done… and what you still need to do!

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  3. What a cute idea! These would be a good rainy day craft for older kids, too. I always encouraged my girls to set goals, and this is a cleaver way to remind us of the big picture.

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  4. A vision board sounds like a great way to document your goals. I personally haven’t used a vision board. I should make one since I’m losing weight.

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  5. I love these! How great. I like the idea of doing them on canvas. I’d like to eventually make a nice pin board for mine 🙂
    I love the idea of putting it in the bathroom to look at while you get ready!


  6. I love vision boards! They keep me focused and inspired and give me an aesthetically pleasing reason to keep on keeping on.


  7. I haven’t done a Vision Board in Ages! Ironically, I haven’t really had much time! 🙂

    I am thinking Vision Boards would indeed be more fun with WINE!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly


  8. It’s like you are reminding me to do this. I just joined a facebook group and we got the assignment to make a vision board. i think it will really help me clear my wishes out. good luck with achieving your plans for this year/


  9. Last year I did make a vision board, as I love making collages and often cut out and keep things that resonate with me, to use in the future. I have my board facing my bed, so I see it when I wake up and then when I go to sleep. Many of the “big” goals still apply to me in 2016, so I continue to fly forward towards them. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with friends creating your vision board for 2016! Wishing your goals come to fruition for you!


  10. I’ve never used a vision board–but then visual isn’t really my thing. I tend to be better at seeing things in my minds eye and writing them down. I can see how this would be fun to do with a friend.


  11. This year has started off really fast for me too! I love the idea of creating a vision board for my goals and I’m sure it’s really fun to create when you are doing it in a company of good friends.


  12. Not sure if guys can do vision boards, LOL, but I really like yours. I agree with you about this year. It has flown by so fast in the blink of an eye.


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