ANYwhere: Early Voting

Yesterday I experienced the most efficient thing in my life- Early Voting! I love it! This was my first time early voting, besides when I did absentee ballot in Burkina. I spent more time driving to the polling place, than I did waiting in line (which there was none) and actually voting.


I am not sure when early voting became a thing, but it shows me that the government is *hopefully* hearing the people and working to make our voting processes better. A lot of people do not get the time off to vote on the actually day, so early voting is a great way to capture those individuals.

While I do not think our voting process is best it can be, it is much better than most countries. After living in an under developed country during an election, I saw firsthand how corrupt and unjust the system can be.

I know the media has had a lot to say about all the potential presidential candidates, and often time can be confusing or overwhelming. I love the The League of Women Voters.

They practically do all the heavy lifting for you! They’ve created a very easy voting guide that includes all election related information. You simply put in your address and the guide tells you who is on your ballot. They have side by side comparisons for each candidate.


What I love most about the The Vote 411  website- is that the guide covers all aspects of the election no matter what election cycle it is. When I was living in Miami, The League highlighted 2 bills that would be on my ballot. The guide broke down the proposed bills for me, gave me pros and cons each, and who supported each side (i.e. politicians, groups, organizations, etc). It was very helpful for me, as I was new to the area, and if I wanted more information I could do more research.

I vote because I am a women, I vote for the people in countries who are not allowed to vote, I vote because I believe in democracy.

Who do you vote for? Even if you don’t particularly like to vote, vote because you have the privilege to, vote for the people who can’t.


52 thoughts on “ANYwhere: Early Voting

  1. I’ve done the absentee ballot but I’ve never done an early vote before. I didn’t even know that it was possible. It’s our right to vote and I really hope everyone does it because it’s their right.

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  2. I think it is important to vote if only for the fact that so many women throughout history fought for our right to vote. Why wouldn’t you want to have a say in the way you live and are governed?

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  3. Ugh, I didn’t do it this year because our polling place is so small that it rarely takes more than a couple of minutes. It has definite advantages in more densely populated areas though.


  4. Voting is so important! I’m glad you are getting your vote out there. I missed the early voting period, so I lugged all three kids to the polling location the day of. But, I got my vote in for the amazing Ben Carson. Too bad he wasn’t the winner. But at least I voted!

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  5. I believe that exercising my right to vote is essential to my country’s democracy so I love voting early by mail. Or even Proxy. It also means I can vote from any part of the country or world for that matter. I am glad you have done your bit to from anywhere 🙂


  6. The right to vote is a great privilege and a fundamental right of all citizens in a democracy. To not exercise that right is truly tragic. I’m glad you did.


  7. I think we are so privileged in the western civilization where we have the option to vote early and also us as women have the right to vote when many other countries dont.


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