ANYwhere: Overwhelmed

Have you ever felt that time is slipping away? Goals aren’t getting met and to-do lists are left undone? That is how I feel at this current moment. (and I am not the type of person not to do a ‘to-do list’)

2016 started off with a bang, and has been much busier than my past few new year’s. I traveled so much in January, that I did not even realize that it was February. I told myself that I was going to relax on the personal traveling for a while, to focus on some other important things in my life. Dates keeping filling up my calendar and it is hard to say no.


Now that I am in the 30’s club, I’ve started to think about this next decade, and what I really want to accomplish, personally and professionally. When I write down those goals, I start to wonder if I will ever have time to really complete any of them.

I feel busy all the time, and when I’m not busy I feel guilty for not having anything to do. It’s a cycle that never seems to end.

What is worse, is when I am doing something that is not fulfilling. Quality should always trump quantity.

Not sure if I am ready to post what those goals are just yet, as I am still figuring them out myself.

I wanted to give an update as to where I am, but at this moment I am just overwhelmed.



14 thoughts on “ANYwhere: Overwhelmed

  1. I have totally had those…my to do list is never ending. We put so much on our plates nowadays it’s sad we hardly stop to smell the roses. Prime example., I had to schedule me time 2 months out.. let me explain lol I bought a certificate for a 2 hour massage. After 3 days of phone tag, I stopped by on lunch to schedule it, between my schedule and the companies schedule I literally had to book it for june 4th…this was on April 5!


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