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In life you, you learn things about yourself. Some good and some bad. I started this blog to really play off some of those strengths. I’ve always been good at connecting people, and sometimes I feel like I am a walking roll-a-deck. I am also good at organizing and help create more efficient processes. Sometimes I struggle to merge these strength together.

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During grad school, I was able to have an amazing adviser who I also felt was good at connecting people. Not just people to people, but people to things or ideas. He turned me to facilitation. Not just any facilitation, but a method to really connect people to their potential of making this world a better place.

I thought if I can connect people in an informal way; why not try to do so in a formal or professional setting. I set out on a journey to learn what I can about facilitation. Maybe I could make a career of it, or at the very least it could provide to be useful in my professional life as a social change agent.

Page 1
Page 1

In class we learned about the ORID method of facilitation. According to the ORID method is “a specific facilitation framework that enables a focused conversation with a group of people in order to reach some point of agreement or clarify differences”.

The acronym “ORID” is derived from the first letters of the four stages of questioning: Objective, Reflective, Interpretative, Decision.

I haven’t been able to make a career out of professional facilitation, but it has come in handy time and time again.

Below are two handouts that I still use when I host a discussion or facilitate a meeting.

Page 1- is a high level over view of the groupings for ORID and some of the classifications that fall within each section.

Page 2
Page 2

Page 2- are the sample questions for each grouping. This is really what has beneficial. I’ve been able to take these questions are really tailor them to the topic at hand.

Overall, this method can be great to help move a group from  the basic elements of conservation to something more meaningful and decisive.

For more of my resources to help in social change work, view my RESOURCES landing page.


48 thoughts on “ANYwhere: ORID Method

  1. I wonder if this could be utilized in general group speaking. I have a hard time speaking up and getting my points across vocally (SO much better at sharing my thoughts by typing, lol.) Thanks for the info. Am going to see if this is something I can incorporate in general discussions to improve my speech.

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  2. I love the Orid method. I think to be honest, I’ve incorporated it into my life without even knowing it. I try to always make time with friends, and our conversations meaningful, and fully invested in it (ie: with cell phones in my pocket, or face down!)

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  3. I’ve never heard of this, so I thank you for sharing. It’s a great thing also that you have the skills connecting with others. I might seem easy but it’s so hard sometimes,especially when you have to go to networking events. Yikess!! I’m working hard on my social skills now and I’ll be looking more into this. Thank you once more.

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