ANYwhere: Keepin’ Organized

I am really trying to keep my motivation up this month and really dedicate the time into my passion of blogging. It’s very easy to get off track and let days (or weeks) slip by before the next post.


Recently, I had some downtime and was feeling creative. Usually when I feel like this I love to clean and organize, but this time I created a little blog note book to help keep me and my posts organized!

I keep all sorts of things, and have more than one junk drawer. When I wanted to make something to keep my organized I knew I had the right items in my junk drawer(s). I took an old pad-folio, some duct tape, and sticker letters. All these items I literally just had lying around the house.

I covered the black notebook with some fun tape. I chose green so it will always stand out in my bag and it’s such a cheerful color too!

2015-10-12 16.54.15

Once I taped it up and added my blog name, I made sure to include some printable’s. This way I can have all my blog information in one spot.

I could have easily made my own, but I choose to use ones from Just a Girl and Her Blog. I added her monthly calendar and some other fun printable’s you’ll just have to check out!

I could have bought something to keep me organized, but this costs nothing. This way when I outgrow this binder, I won’t feel bad. Sometimes when I use it, I forget that it was just a bunch of random stuff laying around the house.

I’ve been using it for two weeks and it is full of my notes and ideas for upcoming posts. I would say that this fun and cheap trick is really helping to keep me motivated and on the right track!

What are someway that you keep yourself motivated?


39 thoughts on “ANYwhere: Keepin’ Organized

  1. Great idea! I purchased a “blogging planner” for Etsy. Really it was just a pdf and then I took it to a copy place and had it bound. I love it! I love how you covered your planner with tape! Great idea!


  2. This was super creative. I never got into using duct tape but I see that it can definitely work. Also I think I’m going to purchase this ebook and such that you recommended, thanks for sharing!


  3. I have kept a blogging notebook for years. It has all my notes and my editorial calendar. I would be lost without it.


  4. Great job on getting organized and spending more time on your passion! This organizational binder is adorable and you’ve done a great job up-cycling things you already had on hand. Love it!


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