ANYwhere: Action Plans

Creating an action plan is similar to having a vision board. It does entail more action steps, but overall it is a way to help energize and motivate ideals (or groups or organizations) to really take action in their community.

Most action planning is done at the end of a conference, symposium, staff retreat, etc… In my opinion, it is a way to capture all the knowledge gained at said conference, and keep the momentum going once back at work (or in the community).

I don’t always follow through with my action plans, since I sometimes feel like I make a lot of them in my field of work, but below are two of my favorite action plan worksheets.

While I was living in Miami I had the chance to attend a lot of community engagement events and seminars. One in particular was run by a friend who worked with Mobilize. The event brought together college students and the surrounding non-profits.

Page 1

The tables were divided up into focus areas, such as environment, youth empowerment, etc. The non-profits sat at the table that represented their organization, and then students would sit at tables that interested them. It was a great way for the students to network with organizations in their community and among fellow students who had the same passion.

At the end of the day we were given this “Action Planning” sheet. As a table or small group we worked though the form as it related to our topic.

Page 2

What I love most about this form is that it is community based. Action steps based around a community issue or challenge. It really helps to set the conservation on what is the community issue, AND what can we be doing as a community.

It was a great activity and from what I can remember, the students really came up with some creative outcomes and activities based on their focus area.

Institute of Cultural Affairs

This second resource was provided in my master’s program. It is a little dated, but I like that each step is highlighted. As someone who is detailed oriented this action plan breaks down each step. The task or accomplishment wanting to be attained, is then broken down further and further, until a concrete plan is created.

Page 1
action plan_Page_2
Page 2

The action plan is also accompanied with a guide to help logically think and flush out the overall action.


47 thoughts on “ANYwhere: Action Plans

  1. Action plans are so important. If we don’t put our plans into action after a conference, etc., we tend to forget a lot of what was learned. This is a great reminder.


  2. This is sounds great. Sometimes people have great ideas, but developing an action plan helps them get off the ground a bit faster. Sometimes its just hard to know where to start unless you can write it all out like above.


  3. Having structure and a solid written out plan to achieve goals is very important. This look like a great template for creating a quality action plan.


  4. It is so important to hold yourself and your team accountable once you set goals. Often I feel like people set goals and then never follow up on the progress. Then you dont’ have much incentive to accomplish them! Great resources.


  5. […] Action Plans– I wrote about this in a previous post, but I do use these often. I sometimes make an action plan for a specific project or goal, or for a boarder subject, such as what do I want to do with my life. Either way it can help ask those tough questions to help you get on track. […]


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