ANYwhere: Pensacola, Florida

Pensacola Post

Recently, I was able to take a day trip to the far west of Florida, down the forgotten coast. It is the first time visiting Florida’s western most city. While the visit was short, I was able to see enough of the city to entice me to co2015-06-12 14.38.21me back.

What really started off my touristy trip, was wanting to see the lighthouse. My mother really loved lighthouses, and have spent some time visiting these great monuments across the US. Little did I know when I embarked on this trip that the lighthouse was inside the naval station.

The historic Pensacola Lighthouse & Museum it attached to the original light keeping house, and it supposed to be one of America’s oldest settlement.  I wasn’t able to go up the lighthouse, but I am told that you can often see the Blue Angels practicing often.

Trying to get off the naval base was just as hard getting on, by taking the wrong turn I was able to learn all about Fort Barrancas. This fort was built to protect the peninsula, along with the others which sit across the bay. The fort looked like it was built into the ground, rather than sitting on top. From the road I would have 2015-06-12 14.58.19thought nothing of it, if it would not have been for the national park sign.

After spending the day out in the sun, I wanted to get something nice and cold. I found some handmade gelato in Historic Pensacola. Dolce hand makes their gelato daily! If they would accept credit cards, I would have been able to get two scoops. BUT since I had a limited amount of cash I settles for Nutella!

I was able to eat some really great seafood along handmade dessert. I am however not that great as describing what I ate, so I am going to Pensa-foodleave a list of some recommendations here:

Nicks Boat House

Landry’s– There is a great view of the water!

Dolce (gelato)

The Oar House– A fun and relaxed atmosphere. Very kid and dog friendly. Best part was watching the sun set over the marina.

Overall I would say it was a very successful trip to Pensacola! I only saw a very small portion, but I know I’ll be back. There is so much natural and historic beauty to explore!


30 thoughts on “ANYwhere: Pensacola, Florida

  1. Florida is one of the places I dream of visiting one day. I would be trying out these places when I have the chance to travel there.


  2. I have never been to Pensacola but would like to see that light house. Of course knowing me I would definitely get lost in that Naval base!! All that food sounds yummy.


  3. Well that’s nice, you’re out exploring ALL that Florida has to offer. As a Floridian I’m ashamed to say that I’ve visited Pensacola, maybe only for a rest stop. Seems like you really enjoyed yourself, thanks for sharing!


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