ANYwhere: Resources for Social Change

A big philosophy in my life is to “Work Smarter, Not Harder.” Why reinvent the wheel when others have mastered that, and probably better than I could have. When thinking about what I want my blog to be, I think about what I really like. And I like organization. Not just organizing my closet or pantry, but organizing the work place. Making better processes and streamlining practices to make a better functioning organization.

I am by no means an expert, since I have only been in the “work force” for about 8 years, and three of those years were spent in Burkina Faso. I do however always take note of all processes and structure around me. When I am at a meeting, I make note of the agenda, (if provided), the layout of the meeting, or how well people stayed on track. At large conferences, it is the program booklet, keynote speaker, or ice breaker.

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I always write down notes everywhere I go, I even have a large notebook(s) where I put all this information on things that I love (or don’t). I also keep this note book in a filing cabinet where all my paper resources live. All my conference agenda’s, list of handouts, past curriculum I’ve taught, etc. More recently, I’ve been trying to move everything over to an electronic format, so these resources are readily available.Even if I can’t use a resource provided for me, it doesn’t mean I won’t know someone who will need it.

Going back to when I was starting this blog and really wanting to find my niche, I made a list of things I like and would like to write about. Sharing resources and creating an on-line space for social change agents was one of them. I don’t need to hoard all the resources given to me, they need to be shared for all to use!

When I taught a few classes on Community Engaged Leadership, I used a few of these resources to really help give character to my presentation. These resources are really helpful for individuals who are new to social change and community engagement.


  • Everyone Leads by Paul Schmitz
  • Community Psychology by Isaac Prilleltensky
  • Forces for Good by Crutchfield and Grant
  • From the Ground Up by Chetkovich and Kunreuther

On-line Resources:

  • Community Toolbox:
    • Online resource for those working to build healthier communities and bring about social change. Our mission is to promote community health and development by connecting people, ideas, and resources.
  • Interaction Institute for Social Change:
    • Builds leadership and collaborative capacity of grassroots leaders to engage, speak out, and participate fully in determining the policies and decisions that affect their lives and their communities.
  • Participatory Analysis for Community Action (PACA)
    • This was my favorite resource I used during my Peace Corps service.
  • World Café:
    • Really great activity to use with students and youth.

Are there any resources you’ve used that is beneficial to creating social change?


53 thoughts on “ANYwhere: Resources for Social Change

    • I try to have different notes for different parts of my life, but that ended up being way too much! Now I have a small one that records everything and then if needed I rewrite it into another notebook, which has “sections”

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  1. You know I’ve always been a note taker too. I love notebooks and have a few of them lying around. I wonder if that’s my connection to majoring in Journalism and then becoming a blogger?


  2. Working smarter-not harder is a great way to get the things that need to be done-done. Although I am not organized in my home life-I certainly was and had to be as a free lance bookkeeper (or as an employee bookkeeper)–Thankfully I am now semi retired!


  3. That’s an awesome share (the resources). And I agree, why reinvent the wheel?? Efforts go so much further when focused on other things.


  4. I need to get back to working smarter. As a single mom, I am working too hard and losing it. First thing on my agenda is to get a little notebook and keep notes and lists. my iphone is great but I love the idea of having it on paper.


  5. Great resources! And I fully agree with the idea of working smarter, not harder. I try to apply that to everything in my life!


  6. I love the work harder, not smarter concept. ODDly enough Bobbie used to live by the motto over not reinventing the wheel. In my new role, I am beginning to take notes because I think I’ll be able to grasp information better this way. Love this read ODDrey, keep it up!

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  7. Work smarter not harder is one of my mottos in life!! HA!! But really though, you will save yourself so much time and energy if you just work smarter.


  8. I am defintely a notorious note taker. I am also a notebook hoarder. It’s actually a problem I need to address. LOL I will take a closer look at your book list. Thanks for sharing!


  9. I totally believe in the Work Smarter, Not Harder philosophy. And you’re right.. why invent the same wheel when 1000 people already did it. Sometimes, if you’re ideas are different and unique then it can be worth it. I also love to be organized as well, thanks for the tips!


  10. I definitely agree with the philosophy of Working Smarter, Not Harder. In today’s society with so many tools and resources at our fingertips, it makes our jobs a little easier!


  11. I love the way you approach your blog! I’m on a constant journey to live more organized. It’s how I function best but it’s hard for me to maintain an organized state!


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