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My favorite newsletter provided yet another great summer read! Shelf Awareness has been a godsend when it comes to recommendations and highlights of upcoming new releases.

2015-06-26 23.07.00A little over a month ago I got a small little package delivered to my door, right before my work trip to Miami. I was ecstatic since it was a book I was looking forward to reading and looked like a perfect book to take on my trip.

“Local Girls” is the perfect beach read. It reminds you of that awkward summer when you struggled with no longer being a child but you’re not yet ready to grow up.

The three main characters; Maggie, Lindsey, and Nina are a odd mix of girls who have been friends for so long, that as they’ve gotten older seem to have forgotten  why they ever became friends.

As I was sun bathing on the white sands in the Florida Keys, I was fully engaged as the stories flipped between their younger days, of the wild pranks and mischief to the real world, drinking underage at the local bar with their favorite celebrity.

While the book takes places in middle Florida, I kept flashing back to my own summers struggling with wanting to leave my childhood, but unsure of what lied ahead.

Read an excerpt about the book: (From

Passing through Orlando, Sam Decker comes to The Shamrock seeking anonymity, but finds Maggie, Lindsey, and Nina 2015-06-26 23.05.20instead. Obsessed with celebrity magazines that allow them a taste of the better lives they might have had, the girls revel in his company. But the appearance of Lila, the estranged former member of the girls’ group, turns the focus to their shared history, bringing all their old antagonisms to the surface—Lila’s defection to Orlando’s country club school when her father came into some money, and the strange, enchanting boy she brought into their circle, who fundamentally altered dynamics that had been in play for years. By the night’s end, the escalation of these long-buried issues forces them to see one another as the women they are now instead of the girls they used to be.

Needless to say that I finished this book way before I flew back, leaving me with nothing to read on the plane.

You can check “Local Girls” out here!


19 thoughts on “ANYwhere: “Local Girls”

  1. I just finished my book and have a lot of traveling ahead. Local Girls could be perfect! Thanks for sharing this book review-I’m a picky reader so it’s always nice to get this kind of synopsis before I jump in.


  2. I don’t know the last time I read a good book and I get so tired of getting books that don’t have great reviews and I don’t want to waste my money on them. I try to look for books that others have recommended first then dive in.


  3. That’s the reason why I don’t bring just 1 book when I go on vacation. Books like these are hard to put down and I always end up with nothing to read on the way home. I will have to look for this book.


  4. I am always looking for a new good book to read. This sound like it would be a great read on the beach. I have finished so many books to fast and been bored on the flight home, I have learned to over pack on books.


  5. Well first off, I am jealous you where in the keys….you forgot to invite me! Books that invoke memories are always an awesome read. I quite vividly remember when I was I was a young woman and the experiences I had. I am sure this is a great book. Thanks for sharing a little bit of detail about it. I will have to read it soon.


  6. Sounds like such a good read, when and why did we have to become adults!? I’m trying to get back into reading (during subway rides). I’ll have to look into this book, especially since it took place in Florida!!!


  7. I love reading and this sounds like the perfect beach read to get lost in this summer. Sometimes we wonder why we are still friends with the people we befriended as a child and it is usually a case of not wanting to let go of the past. As we grow older our interests change and so do our friends.


  8. This sounds like a really great books and it sounds like you read it in good timing. I love books that make me nostalgic and transports me to another time or place in my life. I remember feeling the same way as an adolescent really torn between being a child and teenager.


  9. Sounds like an interesting read. Becoming a young woman certainly has a lot of challenges, and I’m sure I’d be taken back to that time myself, too. I’ll go check it out. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.


  10. I have heard of many great summer reads and it seems that this one also makes the cut! I have to admit that with blogging I haven’t been reading many books for pleasure but it is really something I want to get back into! I will be adding this one to my list 🙂


  11. I have done that same thing. I will bring a book on a trip with me and plan to read it while traveling. Then it ends up being so good that I read it on the beach or at the pool and then II end up having to buy a book or some magazines so that I will have something to read on the way back home. You think by now I would know to bring an extra book with me, lol.


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