ANYwhere: My Zen Place

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I don’t know the first thing about design or home decoration but I really just wanted to share about this cute little space I created in my home.

As I work on creating content for my blog, I constantly seek out tips from other bloggers. It’s a great way to learn the tools of the trade.
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Whether it’s a new blogger or to an experienced one, a common theme that I see is creating your space. A Physical space- where you sit and you take time to write and create content. This is much easier (and maybe cheaper) for me to do, than figure out my mental space!

Some people have an office or a little nook that they use but I’ve created an outdoor space for me. I do have a full-time regular job which keeps me in a cubicle pretty much all the time.

One of the perks about living in Florida is that I do have beautiful weather pretty much year-round. I decided to make my space for blogging and creative moments on my outside patio.

The patios enclosed and it’s freestanding so I don’t ever have to worry about any animals or people trying to get onto my patio or messing with my stuff.

I wanted to create this little bohemian oasis where I could just go and get into the writing zone. We also don’t use our patio for anything except our bicycle storage. I am able to keep this set up all the time, which is very enticing. If I see my oasis every day, then I’ll be motivated to write every day right?!?

SONOMA outdoor chair

The Set-Up:

  • 1-Woven mat
  • 2-Folding chairs
  • 2- Tables
  • Handful of citronella candles
  • Lots of throw pillows

I chose to get two of everything to have a space for my other half, if he ever wanted to sit our and write at the same time I was. I can’t just think about myself now. I also wanted to have a space where I can go from sitting in a chair to lounging on the ground without much effort. I like to move around a lot and if I have to stop to create that, then all my motivation will be lost.

The Deal:

Who doesn’t love a good deal! I was inspired to create such a great place due to all the great weekend sales happening at Kohl’s.

1-Woven Mat- This was mine from when I lived in Burkina Faso- Free

  • 2-Folding Chairs- SONOMA outdoors™ 2-piece Coronado Sling Chair Set from Kohl’s
    Nesting Table
    • Originally 69.00 on sale for 27.99 used a 15% off coupon- Final Price 23.99
  • 2-Tables- SONOMA life + style® Wyatt 2-pc. Nesting Table Set
    • Originally 199.99 on sale for 39.99, used 15% off coupon and 10 Kohl’s cash- Final Price 24.00
  • The throw pillows and citronella candles where things I had around the house already.

The best deal of all, was my credit card has a rewards system. The month of July was triple the points for all purchases as Kohl’s. I bought a few other things and after my triple points I walked away with 562 points, which I can exchange for a $5 gift card.

I save all my points until the end of the year then exchange them in for gift cards to give as Christmas gifts.

What great tips have you adopted from other bloggers?


27 thoughts on “ANYwhere: My Zen Place

  1. What a great idea to have your own blogging space as it is always better to come up with new ideas and to be creative in your zen place! I love the nesting tables and the color of your chair! I am not starting to think I should now create my own place! Great that you accumulated so many points!


  2. Looks like a great place to be creative and get down to work. I’m a bit jealous because I’m constantly traveling and have to deal with whatever I can get. Right now I’m trying to work by the shop across the street is blasting music. If I ever buy a home, I’m creating my own zen place! Thanks for the inspiration.


    • Traveling is the hardest! I find myself not really completing anything! Luckily I only travel 4 months out of the year, so I’ve been able to work around being on the road and blogging.


  3. I am working on completing my space! It’s just a little area, a small desk, but I’m still organizing the area! I love the little space that you created for yourself, because it’s important to have a space of your own, for blogging or just to relax! I hope you’re loving it because it looks awesome!


  4. That’s so cool! I would love to have a comfier place to blog that my office chair! You did a great job creating a comfy, relaxing space where you can blog. It would be so nice to write here – I need to do the “business” part of blogging at my desk with my computer and printer, but this would be a great place to curl up with a journal and come up with ideas!


    • It’s a fun area.. When I sit at my desk, I tend to get bored easily, but that could be due to the fact that my desk is in the common area of the house.. I have no way of getting bored or sidetrack when I sit outside.


  5. I love your zen place! Blogging on the patio is something I would enjoy very much. It would be nice to see the outdoor rather than be confined to my little space inside the house.


  6. I love your Zen space! I agree it is perfect for bloggers! I personally blog from my office but I chose a chair that I love and I have surrounded myself with pictures and other items that make me happy. I think I am going to look for an outdoor space that might work for me though too!


  7. That looks like a very nice and cozy place. I wish I had a nicer area so that I could make a great blogging place. I would love to make it just right for me. Something very comfy and cozy!


  8. Having a designated space and time for blogging has been pivotal in the success of my blog. Once I began treating my blog like a professional space and task, things began falling into place. I love your zen space, I have an area in the house that’s zen and for meditation only.


  9. Wow! I’m jealous of your space. I live in a tiny city center apartment in Denmark and just went freelance as a copywriter and finding a clutter and distraction free space to work in has proven to be a challenge. Working outside isn’t an option because our summers are short and we’re having one of the coldest summers on record this year. As a blogger this wasn’t so much of an issue but now that my home is also my workplace, I’d love a dedicated area for writing.

    Enjoy : -)


  10. great shopping tips!! I love the deal you got on the tables. helpful to think about how to create a similar space, without breaking the bank. i also love the little peace corps touches. I bet F loves feeling a little bit more at home!


  11. Your special place is beautiful!. I always imagine what a thrill it would be to live in a place with consistent good weather… but I digress. Having a Zen space is a great gift. I love yours. 🙂


  12. Love this set-up Audrey! It looks peaceful yet funky! Also like the idea of it being outdoors, sometimes it can be discouragingly hot in Florida, but having such a creative set-up outdoors will encourage you to go out. I need to find my Zen spot 🙂


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