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One of my many passions is volunteerism.  I love to wake up early on the weekends to help with various projects around the community, always eager to help. Over the years, I found myself doing less direct service than I used to, but finding myself helping to create great opportunities for the younger generation.

Post undergrad (like way post undergrad), I find myself struggling with wanting to create my own happiness and helping others find theirs. I had always been fortunate enough to have a lot of opportunities provided for me as a child. I had to WORK to keep those opportunities, but there was always a  choice. Choir or band? Soccer or volleyball? Summer camp or no summer camp. The list is endless.

Over a year ago I had the opportunity to take college students to a conference in Arizona. I was even given the great honor of meeting President Bill Clinton. While he was president when I was a child, it means a lot to meet someone of great statue. Politics aside, he wasn’t a reality star or famous for 15 minutes, but he ran our country. Even after leaving the
presidency, he has created endless programs for students and young people to participate in, to really help contribute to our society.

10308719_10100571922539913_6345730202172659572_n (1)
President Bill Clinton and myself- 2014

During his opening keynote, he said this quote: “I want to spend the rest of my life giving others the same opportunities I had.” And there it was….. the quote that spoke to me. Everyone has a favorite quote when listening to a keynote. Something they want to tweet out right away.

While I will not ever create anything as spectacular as President Clinton, I know my work will not be in vain. Given the great opportunities I was fortunate enough to experience, I want to do the same.

My personal and professional life has become a way for me to give back and help others find their passion for volunteerism and social change. I am happy that I can continue to do what makes me happy, but also work to help create great volunteer programs and service events for the younger generation.

My Q & A with thePassion

Recently, I was interviewed for newsletter that dedicated the entire issue to volunteerism and service. It was neat to be able to share my passion and wisdom when it comes to a topic so dear to me.

To view the entire newsletter visit thePassion.

What is something that makes you fulfilled?


14 thoughts on “ANYwhere: Volunteerism

  1. My passion is photography! See the world through a lens is so magnificent! Thanks for sharing your passion. People like you make the world a better place!


  2. I love the passion your feel for volunteering in your community. Our family has that same energy and joy for assisting others. When my daughters were in preschool I introduced them to regular volunteering at the homeless shelter in our city. For over 10 years we belonged to a group that provided a meal for them one Friday a month. My girls were passionate about serving others and went on to volunteering every Sunday at the food bank while in high school. Now that they’ve graduated from college, they still look out for the needs of others. When giving of time, energy or money, it’s not always the large things that count most, but rather a collection of smaller things (a show of kindness, patience, a smile, stopping to help someone who needs it) that together add up to something really beautiful. It’s a practice that becomes a part of who we are and extends forward with joy in our everyday lives.


  3. so impressive that you make this such a big part of your life. would love to hear tips about how you find ways to keep it a priority and to work your schedule around your commitment to volunteer!


  4. Just returned to the United States after serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Africa. It definitely was one of the toughest jobs I’ve ever had.


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