ANYwhere: Getting Dirty in Durham!


I really like to travel. More importantly, I love to see the sights as I would, if I lived there. After being a Peace Corps volunteer, traveling is much more than visiting the inside of a swanky hotel. It’s about understanding the culture and community in which make a place exist.

Over Memorial Day weekend, we took a trip to Durham, North Carolina. It’ roughly a 9 hour drive from Tallahassee, but 2015-05-23 17.06.58leaving at 2am really makes the drive a little more tolerable.  No traffic and you get to the final destination at a reasonable hour.

The main reason for visiting Durham, was the wedding of a dear friend.  Her nuptials were held at The Barn at Valhalla in Chapel Hill.

The Barn, is on the outskirts of Chapel Hill down a winding road, sets off to the side. It is a quaint barn overlooking a lake and wooded area. The manager of the property lives on site the 30 acres. The board walk led you into the woods where there was an opening of trees, the ceremony took place under the open canopy.2015-05-22 20.50.27

After dinner was over, the tables were moved to make way for dancing. Guests could sit outside on the wrap around porch to enjoy the weather, or head inside for the dancing. The happy couple had the place rented all weekend. We enjoyed a barbeque the night before and guests could return on Sunday for brunch. It’s nice to have a place where all the wedding festivities happen in one location, so the couple could spend time with the loved ones who came to visit.

During our time in Durham, we stayed with some friends at their place. Their apartment is the true essence of “bohemian chic.” Nothing is a set bought from a catalog, but it all looks like it could have been. Their travels displayed on the walls, and knick knacks neatly presented. They made sure we were full of fun foodie finds and local beer.

2015-05-23 12.47.36My friend, whom I met in grad school, should stop her day job and become a tour guide! She drove us all around the city, showing us things we (my other half and I) would really go see on our own.

My favorite stop on the Durham tour was to the Scrap Exchange.  She must have remembered my love for recycling and the ways in which we reused things from my Peace Corps stories.

“The Scrap Exchange is a nonprofit creative reuse arts center located in Durham, North Carolina. Our mission is to promote creativity, environmental awareness, and community through reuse.”

The trip was short, but very prosperous. It was nice to take a break from our normal weekends in Tallahassee.  We all have that drawer (or closet) that is full reusable materials. Those holiday2015-05-24 15.45.13 bags you save so you don’t have to buy your own, gifts you want to re-gift, broken toys you plan to fix one day, the list goes on. The Scrap Exchange is an entire warehouse full of organized stuff, that people can come and rummage through for crafts, art, or whatever! It has everything you need from key board keys to large marquee signs. I just wish I had my craft projects list with me!

What trip have you taken recently that was memorable?


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