ANYwhere: New City, New Decade, New Me

footpath-692082_640This week marks 6 months of living in Tallahassee and the halfway point to my 30th birthday. I look back on my younger self and remember those promises I made. I always thought I’d be living some mystical life abroad, and while I do not live with my parents, I don’t consider Tallahassee to be that place either.

I’ve had plenty moments in my younger years where I’ve said, “Just you wait, I’m going to do_____” (insert whatever action phrase you want here)

While I do live a semi-adventure life, these past few years I have spent trying to “become an adult”.  I went from discussing the best happy hour deal to what time of health insurance I get. It all comes with the progression of time, but as I am rapidly approaching 30, I often find myself questioning did I do everything I was supposed to in my twenties.

Since moving to Tallahassee, I have found myself to be more at home. It feels like growing up in the Mid-West, something familiar. With the start of a new job, I have found that I have more free time (no more working weekends) and a community I am interested in getting to know.

Experiencing my last year of my twenties in a new city, I created a #30before30 list. I really want to make sure that the last year of this decade was one for the books. Some of my list has already been completed, so I wanted to highlight the projects I am still working on.

2015-06-07 19.44.29

My List:

  • Blog– I have always wanted to blog. I started one for my time in Burkina Faso, and tried to revamp it after coming back in 2012. However, I always became too busy to really dedicate the time or energy.
  • Reduce Debt– I feel like this is everyone’s goals. I want to be tied less to “the man” and more to my own money. I’m more adventurous when I don’t feel obligated to make a living.
  • Business Owner– I recently started this new adventure of becoming an entrepreneur. I am in the non-profit business or “for the people” as some would say. Never thought of dabbling in the for profit world. Plus multiple streams of income will help with cutting back on my debt.
  • Get Healthy– Seriously- I have avoided this for far too long! It’s not about losing weight, but about creating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

While all these goals could fit anyone, it’s more about getting outside my comfort zone. I like the challenge that these #30before30 goals present.

Have any of you made any BIG goals recently? What where they?

You’ll have to check back in December to see how my #30before30 challenge went!


32 thoughts on “ANYwhere: New City, New Decade, New Me

  1. I really like your post, and can totally relate. Looking back I’m surprised how fast time goes and all those things I thought I would be aren’t reality. But that’s okay! My reality is wonderful! I’m going to follow your blog!


  2. Glad to hear that you’re enjoying your stay in Tallahassee. It’s sounds like a wonderful place. Being debt free is my goal as well. I’m trying to pay off my loan as fast as I can, so I can get my financial freedom back.


  3. Time sure flies! I just recently started eating right and exercising a little. Lost 10 pounds in the process so I will keep it up. I made sure that I was out of debt and I refuse to go through that stress ever again! I am happy to see you do this now, I am so much older than you and just started these things!! Wishing you much success as you cross over into your 30’s!


  4. You have a lot of great goals listed. I remember noting something similar as I prepared to exit my 20s. Being debt free is still on the list but sometime in my late 30s, I moved abroad and created more of an adventure for myself. As long as you keep trudging a way, all of your goals will become reality.


  5. My hubs had a job interview down there last week. We have been there but kind of scared to move but if we need to we will adjust. I love traveling but the idea of moving to a new city scares me just a little. Glad you are settling in


  6. YAY for awesome goals! Sounds like you are on the right path to getting healthy-both physically and mentally. It’s so important to stick with it! You’ve got this. And I love your blog! 🙂


  7. It is always important to have goals in my opinion, whether immediate goals, interim goals and long term goals! Good on you for identify what is important in your life and how you choose to spend you time! Life is simply too short, not to enjoy!


  8. This sounds like an amazing list of goals for the rest of the year! Some of your goals are the same as mine. I hope you have great success on your list sounds like you have a great start on it so far!


  9. Getting healthy and reducing debt are key goals. I too made a 30 before 30 list, and the rollover I am adding to my 40 before 40 (or maybe 35 before 35). Great to set goals for yourself and have a benchmark to make yourself accountable. Love this and be sure to make it an adventure!


  10. Love your post! Time seriously flies by. When I think about my child turing 9 this year it just makes me sad. So many years have just flown by and I want them to slow down. I just posted about asking what peoples favorite debit books or budget books were. I am a huge impulse spender and we need to get stuff on track so we can make some huge life adjustments. It all goes back to time seriously, I have so many plans and put them off thinking ill take care of them the next day. Then a year flies by and its still not done LOL!


  11. I am in Florida too! I;ve actually never been to Tally before, I’m much farther south. I think your goals are right on target and just like mine! I want to reduce debt and work out. It is HARD right now in the summer. It is so hot, and I am SOO not motivated. I need to get it together.


  12. Those are some great goals! I hit 30 almost two years ago and finally reached a few of my goals, but then I backslid on others. Living overseas made me lose my fitness and healthy eating habits, so now that I’m back in the US I’m trying to get back into those goals. I post an update on my blog every Wednesday and it has really helped me stay on track. It’s amazing how much easier it is to keep goals when we are publicly accountable. haha. Good luck with your goals. You are going to do great.


  13. As someone who’s lived abroad for 5 years, I can tell you that very little about it is mystical. It’s much better in theory and reality and mostly, it’s just hard work.

    I think your goals are great! I just became completely debt free (including mortgage) and I resigned from my job today to start my own business. Being debt free is the single best thing I’ve ever done because it makes so many things possible.

    Best of luck to you in achieving your goals!


  14. i love you how you’re tackling these goals head on! I get too comfortable just accepting things they way they are, or i focus on one goal, only to put the rest on the back burner. so inspired by you and thankful you’re sharing your journey!!!


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