ANYwhere: “Crime of Privilege”

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I need to preface this post with this statement, I LOVE CRIME NOVELS! Detective novels, movies, and tv shows are my jam! The suspense of what is going to happen next, or trying to figure out who did it, is far scarier than anything with a lot of violence.

I subscribe to Shelf Awareness were I get a daily e-mail in my inbox. The newsletter highlights fun things happening in the world of books. I’ve found some really fun new authors! Occasionally they post links with the option of getting a free copy of a book, yet to be published. This is the best, coming home and having a free book waiting in the mail for me.

A while ago, I got a book in the mail called “Crime of Privilege” by Walter Walker. I have a bit of a back log in my reading requests (for work and fun). Once I started this book, I wonder how I overlooked it in the first place, it should have been read the moment I got it.

What I love about reading this book, is trying to figure out who did what. There is a list of characters, all whom have some part to play. The main character is George Becket. He is an assistant D.A. in Cape Cod. This character really made me mad, I felt times he was being a baby, or just letting things happening. He wasn’t living life, but just going through the motions of living. He was a lawyer, has friends in high places, and he just acts like a bum.

An excerpt from the book:

“A murder on Cape Cod. A rape in Palm Beach.

All they have in common is the presence of one of America’s most beloved and influential families. But nobody is asking questions. Not the police. Not the prosecutors. And certainly not George Becket, a young lawyer toiling away in the basement of the Cape & Islands district attorney’s office. George has always lived at the edge of power. He wasn’t born to privilege, but he understands how it works and has benefitted from it in ways he doesn’t like to admit. Now, an investigation brings him deep inside the world of the truly wealthy—and shows him what a perilous place it is.”

This book is a realist portrayal of the justice system when it comes to the wealthy. George finally comes to and starts asking the right questions. It takes him on a journey across the world, but it’s hard to decipher who is pulling the strings in this investigation. I felt the ending was less climatic than the rest of the book, justice wasn’t really served, but again that is a very realistic outcome. The main character and the book felt like a real investigation, and not one that is solved in a 60 minute television show.

Check out the book HERE!


42 thoughts on “ANYwhere: “Crime of Privilege”

  1. I typically read love stories or dystopian type books but this one sounds like one that would keep me entertained. I carry my Nook everywhere so I am definitely going to look it up and read an excerpt. Thank you for the suggestion!


  2. Don't you just love to come across a good book?? It's especially cool when it's one you've originally overlooked. Like having a second shot at a four-leaf clover. 🙂


  3. I've just begun reading again after a huge break due to a lack of time. Now I look for good book reviews and this mystery book sounds like a thrilling read.


  4. I am not too fond of crime novels, but this sounds interesting! Thanks! I will also have to sign up for Shelf Awareness, although I don't know if I can have another e-mail in my inbox! 🙂


  5. Good day! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Nonetheless, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back frequently!


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