ANYwhere: Southern African Trip-Leg #1

Burkina to Jo’Burgh (Leg 1) From the time we closed our service to when we actually arrived in Southern Africa

3/4 of the group @ the bus station in Burkina Faso.  Our bus left for Accra, Ghana at 9:30( only an hour late). The actual ride was great, we barely made any stops, no break downs, or major problems. We made it to Accra in about 20 hours. After sitting on a bus all night we arrived at 6:30am, and headed strait to the hostel. The Hostel is a nicely run place, that is home to a lot of British volunteers. We mostly laid around either in our room, or on the beach.  Our week of COS was super stressful, then to get directly on a 20 hour bus was even worse, so two full days of nothing, felt nice

Surprising the Accra Airport is really nice. We had to spend a few hours in the lobby, but when check in time came, it was efficient. The flight from Accra, Ghana to Jo’Burgh, South Africa was smooth. Air Namibia, was a good airline, even though their airport is super small. We left at 11pm on Monday night and arrived in Jo’Burgh at 9am, Tuesday. We stayed with one of my friends, aunt.  She lives in a nice area just north of the city. We spent the day getting ready for our long haul to Francistown, and the actual bulk of our trip.

Leg 2: Heading to Botswana to see Heather!


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