ANYWhere: 1 Month to go!!

*With just a little over a month left(35 days to be exact) left in Burkina. I have exactly a month left in village, and then a week in Ouaga to finish all my medical, and paper work. The end of my service is so close, but yet so far away. Hopefully things will start to pick up. Next week is my birthday, then Christmas, then New Years, and then I have 2 weeks left in village.

*As for village, I started to give away my stuff, writing my final reports, “closing up shop” as they say. I don’t have anything to do at work, so I spend most of my days reading books, packing, and hanging with my favorite 2 year old.  Overall, I’m bored, and ready to leave!!!

*I don’t have anything new to update, just wanted to send a little note to everyone who reads my blog.


One thought on “ANYWhere: 1 Month to go!!

  1. Happy 2012!! Baby Girl!! May all your dreams come true!! See you at the Indianapolis International Airport March 1, 2012!!
    Love Always!!
    Mom XXX's OOO's

    Don't faint I posted a comment,
    what's happening in Franklin??

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