ANYwhere: Ramadan

Ok, so I know I have not written a proper blog since June, but it’s rainy season and I am way to lazy to think of anything exciting or fun to write. So again, I am going to share some really random photo’s of things in my life.

All is well, August ended without a problem, and September is finally starting. Everyone from my work is back from vacation and hopefully ready to work. It’s going to be a long month. I don’t have much planned this month as far as work, or personal fun, so I am just going to be in village counting down the days until Senegal!

I promise a really good blog soon!

IMG_3602Ready to head to Mosque
IMG_3603The view from the women’s side
IMG_3608The view from the men’s side

IMG_3646IMG_3651The spider was crawling up the side of my house and the frog was outside my family compound in the trench,

AND LASTLY:(Because no blog is complete without a photo of Chieck!)

I was napping when he walked into my house saying, “Tantie, look what I got!” Silly me I was thinking it was candy or something, but in reality  turning over to see a pintard (like a chicken) in my face!



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