ANYwhere: Just a little randomness….

Being a 3rd year volunteer is kind of like being a 5th year Senior that just doesn’t want to graduate. I love my village, job and life here, but sometimes it’s hard going into the capital realizing you don’t really know anyone, and you have no desire to be really great friends with all of them, because you’re leaving before they are.

I did my two years and I walked away with great friendships, some that are even those creepy 3rd year volunteers. My life and how I see myself as a volunteer is completely different from someone who has been is country 6 months.

The only reason I am really writing about this is because people probably do think I’m a little strange. I’m fine with that because I love not leaving my village for months on end, or not knowing the current gossip. I’m secure with myself as a volunteer. So, since I won’t be hanging out in Ouaga anytime soon, or have great access to internet I’m going to need all my loyal friends and family to send me so good ole fashion mail. Just a letter will do nothing to fancy, (or expensive). Please fill me in on your lives, because the gossip in your life is what’s important to me. Plus I ALWAYS have time to respond!

My address is:Audrey Kidwell
01 BP 6031
Ouagadougou 01
Burkina Faso
West Africa

Mail Received:

Upcoming events…
FESPACO-International Film Festival
International Women`s Day


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