ANYwhere: How to eat a starburst…

First; look through the bag of the nearest foreigner while she is working, once found scream OUI or Yes to signal you did indeed find candy then open the newly found candy.

After successfully taking the candy off the wrapper, place it in your mouth. and chew very carefully.

Then act sad because more of the candy got stuck to the wrapper than made it into your mouth, but then you make the decisions to stick the whole wrapper in your mouth to fully appreciate the taste. Just make sure you font actually eat the wrapper……..

*The model in this is Appo, a classic cheeser!!


2 thoughts on “ANYwhere: How to eat a starburst…

  1. Hi! I am in that 10 day period of deciding whether or not the commitment to the Peace Corps in Burkina Faso for Small Business beginning October 13, 2010 is the right decision for me. Your blog is helpful. Any further insights would be welcome.


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