Books I’m Looking for….

Here is a Quick list of all the books I am currently looking for. This by no means you need to rush out and buy them for me, just if your a frequent used book buyer or you get good discounts at Borders….

I prefer books that have been used and that you dont mind getting back, bc once in Burkina, they will always be in Burkina.

Here they are:

Megan McCafferty
-2nd Helpings
-Charmed 3rds
-4th Comings

Kyra Davis
-Passion, Betrayal and Killer Highlights

-Finished Road

Emily Arsenault
-The Broken Tea Glass

Meg Cabot
-Queen of Babble in the Big City
-Queen of babble gets Hitched
-She Went all the Way

Kavita Daswani
-Salaam, Paris
-Indie Girl
-The Village Bride of Beverly Hills

Jhumpa Lahiri
-Unaccustomed Earth
-The Namesake

Victoria Dahl
-Take Me Down
-Crazy for Love
-Start Me Up

Louise Bagshawe
-A Kept Women
-Venus Envy
-Career Girls
-Tuesday’s Child

Also if you have any books you think I might like I am open to them. I will read anything!

If you do decided to send me a book off this list, PLEASE post which one in my comment box, so others know I already have it!

Thanks in advance!

Parents-2 boxes
Andy- 1 Box and a letter
Sarah H- letter


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