Happy New Year

My New Years Resolution: To write more detailed and interesting blogs!!

My Birthday: Happy Birthday to me! It was such a great time. This is defiantly a birthday to remember. I made riz gras(rice with tomato sauce), with sheep, chickens, local gateau (cake)! I had enough food to feed over 100 people. I helped make all this food with the women at my CSPS. The whole day was busy, I started cutting veggies around 8 am, and the party started at 1pm and didn’t get over until 2am! I had a lot of people come, from my Chef de Terre (Chief of the ground) to my boss at the District in Koupéla and a millions children in between.

(bday with neighbor Sara and staff)

Christmas: Well I was sick for the days leading up to it, so I didn’t go all out like I wanted to, but in the end it was good. I got an outfit made just for Christmas. I went to church with my CoGes (adopted) family, then afterwards I just went from house to house and ate and drank (water, I was sick!) I never realized how many people I interact with everyday. I wanted to go to everyone’s house that I see day to day, but it was so hard, since you have to spend more than 5 mins at each house. I ended up taking 3 days to go to everyone’s places to say Merry Christmas. Christmas day night, I went with my Major (Boss) to go and greet all the “official” people.

(with my fam)
New Years: New Years Eve I also stayed in village and spent the evening at our local dance club. When it actually turned 2010 I was will my CSPS staff eating salad, fried chicken, green beans, rice, etc…. There was no dropping of the ball, since I conviently made confetti, we had our own countdown, complete with ‘fireworks.’ They made me stay up until 4 am that night watching children dance. The next day I went from house to house to eat and drink again

(good bye 2009)
Needless to say I had a great holiday season; starting my b-day and ending with 2010

I ate so much, and had a great time. I am defiantly happy that I stayed in village. I am just sad that I won’t be here next year to enjoy the fun again!
2009 was a great year, but 2010 will be unbelievable!

(hmmmm pizza)

Upcoming Events:
HEARTH: 2 week program for mothers with malnourished children
Hand washing demonstrations at local schools

Mail Received:
Anna Myers
ESA Delta Kappa(2 cards)
Sarah H
Kristen W( 3 cards)
Family(3 cards)
Karla M
Bethany M
St.Rose Church(package)


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