There ain`t no Party like a village Party!!

The first Fete(Party) HALLOWEEN: FADA

Our `Pumpkin`

Me and the pumpkin

Our Group. I went as husband and wife with Josh a fellow PCV. Notice the matching outfits and HUGE ring.. haha

Fada Market

Second Party: an NGO came to visit… they came to do research on different types of agricultural farming and techniques.

A Latrine. You pee and poo in different areas. The pees goes into a larger container and is then treated with chemicals and is used for farming. The poo just goes away.

This is the container the pee goes into.

This is the corn they produced. Each one is a different planting method with either the urine or regualr fertilizer. The biggest bag was produced using the urine fertilizer.

Traditional Dancers

A cool dude all dressed up

My theather group playing drums


waiting for traffic to pass

MAIL Received:


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