ANYwhere: Back home again in Burkina

Its been 2 weeks since my vacation to Spain. I made it back to site and I’m back in the swing of things in Burkina.

Leaving Paris for Ouaga, I was in the same terminal and section that I originally was in back in October. As i set and watched people fill the lines, I remembered what it felt like to finally be leaving. All the nerves we accumulated on our 6 hour layover , knowing once we boarded the plane there was no turning back. Paris was the last leg of the trip to Burkina.

This time was a little different because I wasn’t experiencing it with 31 other people and I didn’t get any special treatment. When i stepped of the plane this time, as with the first time the heat of the night hit me as soon as I got to the airplane doors. The airport isn’t that big. Wal-mart is bigger than the airport, but it serves its function. I mean there is not a lot of tourist traffic, but hopefully that changes.

Coming back to site was really welcoming. all the staff at the CSPS were waiting for me at my door and helped me unload my stuff.

The one thing i love most about this place is no matter who you are or where your at everyone greets you like they have known you forever.

I’ve been pretty busy, rainy season typically brings a lot of sickness, since I cant do anything medical, i am usually the gofer(go for this or go for that) Which I don’t mind because I’m staying busy or sometimes I sit with patients, it really depends on the day.

Since it is rainy season the day after is rains EVERYONE is in the fields. no one has time to go to the market, or come to the CSPS, or even drink dolo under the big mango tree. Its amazing how people survive when this place is like a ghost town most of the week.

I did start my own field. I’m going to plant beans and peanuts. My field is small but I can handle it. I found a guy to come with his plow and beef to plow my field. all it needs to do is rain. To practice planting my boss had me help his family plant. its no that hard to put a seeds in the ground, but i humored him anyways. I ended up with blisters on my hands. We will see if they actually grow!

Other than that life is pretty much the same. I get up early go to bed early and try to fill my days with good African fun(or work)!!


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