ANYwhere: Updates

Big things are happening!

*Small enterprise volunteers got a U.S. based sesame processor to purchase sesame seeds from Burkina. This could double Burkina Faso exports with the U.S.

*According to the National Counsel against HIV/ AIDS (CNLS), the AIDS rate in Western Africa is stable or declining. Currently the HIV/AIDS rate is 1.6%. In 2007 there are 33 million people in the world with HIV/AIDS and 67% Sub-Saharan Africa.

*There are 113 volunteers right now in Burkina

*Also according to some channel on my short wave radio there are more cell phones in Africa than in the U.S.!

As for me I am currently at In-service training for the next 3 weeks. I am doing some language classes, and more technical health training. After FESPACO I went back to village to finish writing my Etude, which is a study of my village. I found out a lot of useful information that I never even knew existed about Nakaba.

I also got furniture!!! It’s so nice to have a place for things and not have to live off of the floor. Also, its well over the 100 degree mark and the temperature is still rising. In Happier news I got a dog (for protection purposes) and I named him BENGA (Moore for Beans).

Just a quick update!


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