We made it!!!!

All 32 people that left for Burkina as trainiees made it to Volunteers!

The Nitty-Gritty

I have moved out of Sissamba (tear) and I am now staying in the city of Ouahigouya until the 26th of December. I met my counterpart this week and I got the low down on my future site.

Nakaba has around 6000 residents. I have my own market that happens every 3 days that my counterpart says is pretty decent. I also have 2 boutiques. There are three main religions that consist of Christianity, Islam, and Animist. There is a church in my village and a mosque in the next village over. I have just one primary school, and I am really close to a main road with easy access to the capital. The closest access to Internet is in my regional capital of Koupela! I do however have reception all over my town, so my cell will work (wink wink) My CSPS covers 6 others villages the farthest one away is 9km. I’m really excited to get to site and get settled in!!!
Oh I almost forgot my house has 3 rooms, and courtyard with hanger!

By the time I post this I will be an official volunteer and I will probably be another year older.

Mail I have received:
Bay card from my dad’s work
Xmas card from my Aunt Susie


Things I do not need:
Bug spray
Chap stick
Feminine products
Any types of medicine
Hand sanitizers

Things I wood like to receive:
Things to keep my entertained:
*Colour books
*Crossword puzzles
          •NOT SUDUKO
Bobbi Pins
Any types of food
Drink mixes (not tea)
Letters and pictures of you or of anything really


4 thoughts on “We made it!!!!

  1. wow all 32 made it thru that has to be record. we are so proud of you. and by the way have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY your DQ cake was great…….Love Dad


  2. Happy New Year. Sounds like your are doing great. Carolyn mentioned you in the Lamp. Let us know what you do for new year’s eve. Tammy


  3. Hey Audrey! I hope that you had a great holiday! I have been keeping up with your blog and I have a question =) What is anthemism? I tried to type it into google but didn’t really come up with much! Good luck with everything and I hope to talk to you soon!


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