ANYwhere: Like the old saying goes…

When in Burkina do as the Burkinabe do….

 I have officially tried the dishes to end All dishes. It is a local cuisine that everyone here eats for every meal! It’s called To (pronounced like Toe). It can either be made of corn meal or millet. One prepares this dish with water, oil, and either corn flour or millet. You add all the ingredients into a big pot, small portions at a time. The flour forms a mushy consistency like mashed potatoes, (but do not be fooled it does not taste like them!) After the flour is ready, you dump it out into a giant serving bowl; it is served with different types of sauces. The sauce I was given was called gumbo. You take your right hand a get a big ball of the Tot and dip it into the sauce and put it into your mouth. So Tot looks like mashed potatoes and gravy but it taste like a bill ball of nothing. There is no flavor to this dish, and no nutritional value. I tried my hardest to eat as much as I could, but I did not even make a dent into it. My host mother laughed as she watched me act like I liked the dish. I did bring this upon myself because I had not had Tot yet, and I really wanted to, so I asked and I did receive.

 Thanksgiving went well, the American Embassy donated a Butterball Turkey and pumpkin pies. Everyone chipped in money for sides dishes and we had sooo much food for everyone!!! It was such a good time, it was kinda hard being away from the family, but everyone here made it all ok.

 I have 16 days left with my host family and less than a month until I am living on my own in Nakaba!

 I wish everyone a happy holiday season!!!!


2 thoughts on “ANYwhere: Like the old saying goes…

  1. Hey it’s Katia!!I didn’t know you had a blog! It’s so interesting and your experience sounds amazing and so rewarding. How’s your French coming along? I’m going to send you a Christmas card!!Happy Thanksgiving!Gros bisous!Katia


  2. Audrey,Your African Adventures are amazing! Can I post them on the USI INternational Studies web page? We’re all so excited about what you’re doing; wish we were there. Take care and have a Great Christmas–Hugs,Patty


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