Burkina Faso Health Care


Health care in Western Africa started in 1987 w/ the Bamako Initiative. it was developed by UNICEF and WHO @ a conference of African Ministers of Health to promote universal qccessibility to Primary Health Care. It was adopted in 1993 in Burkina. peace corps helth programs supports the efforts of the ministry of health and the Bamako Initiative. the primary goal is to help the community increase their knowledge and use of the health care.

each village has a CSPS.:Center of health and social promotion: it consists of a hospital, materninty ward, pharamacy. the head nurse:my boss: and mid wife live on the compounds. if a village doesnt have a CSPS then they are assigned to one with a CSPS. the head nurse will travel there once or twice a month.

women with babies that use the maternity ward get vaccanations for free, for them and the baby up to age 2.

others who use the hospital have to pay, but they get most of their visit subsidized by the government.

all medication cost

COGES is a group of people and the head nurse who decide what social problems there are in a village and how they can fix it. they go around and teach people on different things like family planning and malnutrition and try to get people to use the hospital.


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  1. Good Luck on your interview tommorow, Thanks for posting more pictures its great to see where you have been and what your dong………..Love ya Dad


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