ANYwhere: My first week…..

It’s been super crazy. in a 24 hour time period i traveled through 3 countries…. I love Burkina and the people here. all is well. we just got our host family. i live 10 k away!!! i took my first bucket bath under the stars in Africa, in the middle of know where… its definitely a different experience, but one well worth it…

I left everyone and everything i knew to experience this and I wouldn’t trade it for anything…

I miss everyone!!!

i am using a french keyboard and I don’t like typing so that;s all…


6 thoughts on “ANYwhere: My first week…..

  1. A buckett bath is better than no bath at all. Glad to hear your all doing good over there keep up the great work. U want any recipies for your goat? give us more info when you can we love ya here at 111


  2. ak glad to hear that you are doing well over there. Alfred family is just one country away and they are there right now! See you in 2010.


  3. Bloody hell Audrey! I had no idea that you had already joined the Peace Corp!!! I am SOOOO excited for you!!!! I saw the update on Facebook, so I’ll keep checking there for pics and things!!! Take care of yourself and enjoy this awesome experience! Big hugs to you in AFRICA!!!!Crissy (From Jeffers trip to P/L) 🙂


  4. Hey Audrey…Just got the update! Glad your there! Can’t believe your finally there and experiencing it all!!! Kudos!!! Looking forward to your updates when you can! Love ya friend!tab


  5. How about some expired chips to go with your goat recipes??? We have plenty for you! Does your host family live in a grass hut like we imagined? We miss you a lot, Ripp family:)


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