ANYwhere: The First set of Good-Bye’s (a little late)

This blog is dedicated to all the people I left in Evansville. Everyone that I came across in the 4yrs I was there helped me to learn and discover all different things about myself. I made some good friendships that will defiantly last a lifetime.

To all my roommates I had over the 4years: Thanks so much for making my “home life” fun. I know we all disagree a little, but I’m glad I chose each one of you to share that experience with.

Shanna: I’m glad I got to know you over the years. Your the type of person that is worth knowing. I have had a lot of fun with your company. We still need to go scuba diving together.. to bad I will be land locked!!!

Ac-Boo Boo: I’m sorry that Nick Cannon is taken… I really wanted to be a bridesmaids in that wedding! I’m happy you came to USI and stayed..

Sara: I can’t believe that you came back to USI and I am the one leaving!!! Have a great year and I hope to see u before my 3 years is up!

Nicole: You were my first friend at USI, and I’m glad that we stayed that way. Your an awesome person, and I hope the club gets more social this year with u a social chair!!

Lyndsee: I hope your keeping your blog up to date.. I need to know everything about you!!! I’m soo ecstatic that you moved to INDIANA!! you made my last few months of work worth it… When I go back to visit USI, I will always remember all the places we ate lunch!

WORK: I’m really happy that I worked in the Financial Aid office during my time in school. It gave me a better sense of this whole money thing.. I’m still waiting on the government to reimburse my education for putting my time in!! lol… You all were wonderful to work with and it was really hard to leave. It may have been stressful, but I was very comfortable in doing what I was doing(just hoping I was doing it right). Sallie, Brittany and Jesse you better keep up the work!! Don’t make me send u an e-mail from Africa!!!

To everyone else: thanks again for everything.. even if we didn’t stay friends there was a reason why we became friends in the first place, and our paths just weren’t meant to stay together!


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