ANYwhere: Still Waiting..

I received a letter from my African Placement people… I have to wait 4-6 weeks until I will know anything…. I got a letter that said in 3 weeks you get in contact with someone from office of placement, So I finally got some contact and they said I had to wait 4-6 more weeks… Its so nerve racking… They are in the middle of placing people leaving in June and July…

I am a person who likes plan things and not knowing when or where I am going is diving me crazy!!

I applied in October 2007
Had my interview and got placed in December 2007
Started my Medical stuff Jan 2008
and got cleared April 2008…

Now I’m waiting….. happily, since I am free of school… 🙂

Things I have packed so far for Africa:
Mosquioto Net
Bug Spray
Swiss Army knife
Hand sanatizer
Hand Held fan……

people give good graduation gifts….


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